Our commissions are open!

It’s no secret that we here at love imaginary worlds and made up creatures that squiggle and squirm their way out of people’s brains and into reality. As a matter of fact, one of my (personal) favorite pastimes is making up things to put in to imaginary worlds. There’s something so exciting and enjoyable about creating unique creatures, from giving creating their personality and bringing that across visually to adding the final touches and ultimately naming them.

When I’m not creating for my own personal art blog, I like to work with others to bring their wacky and wild creature ideas to life (you can check out some examples here). It’s an addicting process full of knowledge to gain and ideas to share, and now I’d like invite you to join in the fun! If you’d like to discuss potential commission work, feel free to shoot me a message over on Fiverr by clicking here. We can discuss in detail what you’re looking to accomplish, going rates, and all of that other boring business stuff.

Thanks for giving this little post a read. I look forward to working together soon!